Friday, March 14, 2014


Where do you encounter advertising?
I often see advertising or hear advertising on billboards, pandora, radios, tv, cartons, websites, cereal boxes, everywhere.

Which specific advertisements "stick in your head?"
The ones that stay in my head are the ones that are sad, factual, funny, creative, etc. 

What makes these advertisements memorable?  
What makes them memorable is they either connect to my life somehow or they are colorful, artistic, funny, catchy, etc.

Do you think advertisements have an effect on your personal interests? Why or why not?
Not exactly but I suppose what the advertisement is about really depends on if it effects me or not.  Why I think that is because often I find advertisements annoying because they are around so often but once in a while I will see one or hear one that tells me about something I was thinking about doing or looking at.  For example, dress shop advertisements like Davids Bridal talking about all their new prom dresses coming in.  Something that doesn't effect my personal interest though is cigarette advertisements because I think they are disgusting and I have no interest in them whatsoever.  

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