Tuesday, February 11, 2014


 What do you know about "voice" in writing? How would you describe your own writing voice? Is it developing or do you feel that it comes through strongly in your writing? Can you describe it?

Voice in writing is when you read someone's piece and you can tell they wrote it just because of the word choice they picked, the conversations they add into it, the way they describe things, etc.  When you can read a piece and can picture the writer saying the writer saying the piece because it sounds so much like something they would write or say, that's when theirs good voice.  My writing voice is unique because each character that I write in my piece sounds a little like me in their own way. At least I try to make them.  Also, the way I put my sentences together and the words I choose sound like me.  Personally I think the voice in my writing is very strong.  There is no mistaking that my pieces are mine. 

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