Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Personal Writing Reflection

Name one thing that worked really well for you this week. Why did it seem to work well? How will your writing influence what you work on next week?

One thing that worked really well for me this week was finding topics to write about.  A couple weeks ago we did this type of writing called "Encyclopedia of an ordinary life" which was basically writing little definitions of our favorite words, things, people, places, etc. that fit with our lives.  That seemed to work well for me because I was able to write about something I enjoyed to write about and came easy considering it was things to do with me.  I didn't really have to make up much because it was basically writing about my life in little snip-bits.  How this writing will influence what I work on next week is it will make me put more detail and better word choice into smaller stories, if that is what I decide to write about or am assigned to do next week.  Why that will happen is because these past couple weeks I have had to put lots of details, describing words and good word choice into smaller writing pieces and I intend to do that throughout the rest of the year.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


 What do you know about "voice" in writing? How would you describe your own writing voice? Is it developing or do you feel that it comes through strongly in your writing? Can you describe it?

Voice in writing is when you read someone's piece and you can tell they wrote it just because of the word choice they picked, the conversations they add into it, the way they describe things, etc.  When you can read a piece and can picture the writer saying the writer saying the piece because it sounds so much like something they would write or say, that's when theirs good voice.  My writing voice is unique because each character that I write in my piece sounds a little like me in their own way. At least I try to make them.  Also, the way I put my sentences together and the words I choose sound like me.  Personally I think the voice in my writing is very strong.  There is no mistaking that my pieces are mine. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Encyclopedia Of My Ordinary Life

Hamburger Helper
Yellow and brown mush.  It smells to me like what a skunk that got ran over smells like to the average person.  Disgusting.  I refuse to eat it.  Never will I ever, eat Hamburger Helper.

Not an actual man, just a last name.  To most at least.  To me it's the last name that hold a wild, strong blooded, loving family together.  One of a kind.  I am part of the Mann Clan and I'm proud to say it.

Planning, My Outfits

Lay on my bed, stare at my clothes, start planning.  Mentally plan my outfit.  Lay there for a while longer, get up and put the outfit on.  Step in front of the mirror, change my mind.  Repeat another 5 times, put on the original outfit, then leave.  Planning is hard work.