Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Frustrating Blog Post

Describe something that frustrated you this week. Why was it frustrating? What can you do to avoid that frustration in the future?  

This week the most frustrating thing I have dealt with in terms of writing would have to be keeping up with all of the writing things we have had to do on top of just regular school work.  We have to read every night, write in our readers journal, do vocab and then this week we had to write about McMurhphy in that certain situation with the Big Nurse.  Usually it wouldn't be a lot of work for me but considering we just came back to school, its just been frustrating me because I have all this work to catch up on.  How I could avoid this in the future is take more time to finish everything so I'm not so stressed or flustered about all the work that I'm coming back to after this short vacation we just had.