Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Writing Goals!

           In English class this year we were asked to make three goals for ourselves.  I have put some time into thinking about what I wanted them to be and I have decided my three goals.  My first goal would definitely have to be put more time and effort into every single assignment that I'm given.  I plan on doing this by taking more time out of my schedule to work on my assignments for English.  My second goal would have to be learn more vocabulary.  How I could achieve this goal is by looking in a thesaurus or dictionary at some words to see their synonyms and antonyms.  My third and final goal would be to read at least 5 books this year in at least 3 different genres.  It may seem like a easy goal but it's not that simple considering I have such a busy schedule.  How I plan on achieving this goal is going to the library, asking for good suggestions in different genres and reading the best book I can find.